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Globe-NGA Collaborative

Do you have a ministry vision? Do you have a passion for evangelism? Have you struggled with the challenges and questions of fundraising, administration, staff, advertising, media, etc.? Wondered about how to launch a viable ministry?

Next Generation Alliance (NGA) and GLOBE International have joined hands to assist emerging evangelistic ministries in start-up challenges, such as administration, media, and partnership development. Get on board with this highly recommended collaborative, and accelerate your ministry effectiveness!

Before you create a new 501c3, check out how the NGA-GLOBE Collaborative can help you get up and running and make an impact efficiently and with excellence. At NGA, we are committed to helping our members succeed in their God-given calling. Through our partnership with GLOBE International, our NGA members now have the chance to experience all the benefits of a 501c3 without the complexities.

Applicants must be a current member of NGA, and must satisfy GLOBE International’s membership requirements. Give us a call, or check out our website links, for more information and see if the NGA-GLOBE Collaborative is right for you!

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